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Healthcare is being reformed from a grass root movement that is empowering families. They are demanding more involvement in their personal treatment plans. They are tired of complex programs devised by the current healthcare system.

Rachelle Ruffing, M.S. CC SLP, is a certified speech language pathologist who provides on-line tools to educate parents and promote homework programs.                              

The Speech Therapy Program includes a patient assessment, over 50 video lessons and assignments based on your personal needs, a personal collaboration tool enables one-on-one program development based on your personal needs.  After an initial assessment, you will be assigned specific material and goals to improve your child’s development.  Games, cards and other supporting materials have been included to enhance your learning experience.

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Dr. Whitney, a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, provides on-line support for children and adolescents, their families, and systems in which problems with self-regulation, relational development, cognitive dysfunction, self-concept, and information processing difficulties are evident.

The Behavioral Therapy Program includes a patient assessment and personal collaboration that can be performed to outline a unique one on one program for your personal & family needs. After an initial assessment, you will be granted access to collaborate with Dr. Whitney for questions and answers and personal advisement through the monthly service.

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