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What is Conex?

Conex is a revolutionary new Telemedicine System that facilitates clinical collaboration and education through a common set of tools designed for clinicians and patients.

We do not replace care with web content, instead, we magnify the value of your personal service by capturing personal data for each patient. The end result is information that is relevant to the patient and specific to their case and treatment plan. The system empowers clinicians to deliver services and consultations on-line, bridging the gap between face to face engagements. 

Today’s service providers often require a "teamwork approach." The Conex software is designed to enable cooperating clinical personnel the ability to exchange patient updates improving the communication and quality of care.

Clinical Accounts

Clinicians enjoy a single log-in interface to manage all of their patients with an easy to use standard tool set, delivering their service.

Patient Accounts

Patients enjoy a simple log-in to work with their clinician.  The program is interactive and personalized with full accountability of all activity.

Mobile Conex

Mobile Conex software is currently offered on the iPhone. The software allows access to the Conex application in a hand held device.  Data is stored in the central web system safely and securely with no extra effort. Mobile Conex provides complete flexibility and ease of use of the system features where ever you go.