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Benefits -

Now when a doctor receives a fax, they will be notified via email and/or text messaging. They can then log into Conex to perform a variety of tasks. For example:


1: Digitally sign orders or prescriptions

2: Instantly file into patient chart

3: Instantly reply via the Conex MPS system

4: Instantly reply by sending back a real fax response


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Fax Orders With A Click Of A Button - 

Conex MPS is proud to now offer a digital faxing service for our customers. With this feature, nurses or health care professionals can send their handwritten documents and verbal orders directly into the Conex MPS portal by a standard fax machine. The Conex MPS portal documents and stores the file in its HIPAA compliant system and makes it available for such features as digital signatures, instant responses from physicians and text notification.   



Now with the just one click of a button Conex MPS customers have the option of signing select documents, adding additional notes to faxes, or creating fax templates to send out to clients to make the process easier.  

No new equipment is necessary, all you need to do is Contact Conex MPS and speak to a representative about subscribing to this service.