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For the Best Experience using Conex......

Why do I see a small box that says loading when I first log in?

When you first log into the Conex application you will notice a short delay and an icon box loading on your screen.  This is the application framework (applet) loading in to your browser.  We do this to make your experience while working in the application perform better. 

I have other software that uses my web camera, is that a problem?

It is not uncommon for you to have other software on your system that also uses a web camera and audio.  It is also not uncommon for conflicts to arise when trying to operate different software trying to compete for the same web camera as an example.  For the best experience, remember to close other applications that might be using your web camera or audio features so they are free for Conex.

What Internet Browser version should I use?

Internet Explorer version 7 or 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or above, We have tested Chrome with mixed results.

Why can't I playback videos?

In order to playback video you must have Adobe Flash Player downloaded also RTMP port 1936 and HTTPS from need to to be open (these are sometimes blocked by network administrators or IT personnel)

How do I assign a file I have to a Client?

After uploading a file into the "Files" tab please select the "Assets" tab. Create a new name and then select what file type it is, then select the file. It now will be stored as an Asset. Now click on the client you want to assign it to. click on the Assignment tab and select "Add New" 

How do I assign an asset to an entire group?

From the "Overview" click on the "Groups" tab. Then click on the button that has a small down arrow on it. If you leave your mouse over this button it will say "Add Assignment to Group". Select this button and it will let you select the Asset that you want to assign

How do I add a client to a group?

Click on the client. Click on the "Manage" tab. You will see four tabs on the top of the "Manage" window. Select the "Group Membership" tab. Select the group you would like to add them to from the list and select "Add"