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Telemedicine and Business Efficiency: Improving Patient Care

Clinicians, Business Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

As a healthcare professional, you must efficiently and consistently provide the highest
possible level of patient care. Optimal care requires patient visits and continual
communication with the patient and the patient’s family. Running your practice
successfully requires scheduling yourself and your resources, managing issues of
compliance and liability, and achieving patient satisfaction.
But the need to improve patient outcomes threatens the viability of your existing
workflow. Patients will become increasingly involved in their own care, and this will
place more demands on your time. To meet this challenge, you have two options.
You can invest further in your legacy workflow, hiring administrative staff and nurses.
Or you can scale your business: augment your workflow with affordable tools that
enhance asynchronous communication to increase your efficiency and improve patient
To meet the needs of both the patient and the clinic, you need to avoid unnecessary
patient visits, yet still improve patient care. Optimizing patient visits requires
scheduling each visit carefully and knowing in advance what care to provide. If you can know
more about a patient’s condition, you can schedule fewer visits, reduce
travel, and create a more appropriate plan of care.
Four Essential Needs:
This paper discusses the tools available to the healthcare professional to meet four
essential needs:
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