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Case Studies using The Conex System

Learn about our early adopters

The Conex Team partnered early with the following groups to prove the product line's value in helping professionals achieve their goals. Pick a relevant case study title similar to your profession and learn how Conex helped these organizations.

Sunaskeo Program located in Frisco, Texas

Sunaskeo is a boutique-style specialty tennis program designed for players who want to get the most out of their talents and climb to the top of the sport.  We’ve taken out all the guess work by developing a comprehensive program, while still giving each player the ability to customize certain areas of their individual training. Sunaskeo incorporates all the ‘normal’ pieces available at most academies, and quite a few more.  One area, for example, is the burgeoning field of Sports Vision Therapy, specialized training that Nike is now beginning to use with its top athletes. Our Sunaskeo athletes will receive that same kind of cutting-edge training. For more information click here to visit the program.