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The Professional Challenge

Cost and Shortage of Professionals Creates High Demand

Professional Program Delivery through Conex                                       

Conex Med/Pro Systems

Conex provides a web-hosted software application that facilitates better communication between clients and professionals.  Although it's a single application, the Conex Software Suite can be customized to fit an individual's specific needs and enable more effective collaboration between client and professional. 

When you stop to think about all the methods an average person uses to communicate each day, it's nothing short of amazing.  There are so many different ways to correspond that we spend a huge chunk of time extracting the pertinent information before we can make any real progress.  Put that in to context of a professional that manages multiple clients and the deluge of information is mind-boggling.

Conex empowers everyone in the professional/client relationship by organizing documents, pictures, videos, audio notes, lessons, schedules and emails into one easy to access, secure location that can be shared with everyone involved.


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The Conex Team loves to find a single, easy to use feature that solves common problems. We use your daily challenges to drive our feature development. Join in the discussion with your feedback.
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