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Conex Solution for Trainers

Trainers today understand the power of computer assistance for setting and tracking performance goals. The ability to master expert level skills and form require time and continual repetition. The Conex system allows the trainer to deliver supplemental video training modules as assignments to the athlete bridging the gaps in between face to face sessions. The system also supports video upload, capture and related documentation serving as a chronological documentary of the athletic program from beginning to end.  Top level athletic development programs today are designed to have a group of professionals working together combining their specific skills and educational material for the athlete. Unique to the Conex system, the professional collaboration and teamwork occurs through easy to use "cooperative client sharing". As an example; under conditions of injury, the Conex system allows a physical therapist and a coach to collaborate on the proper care and conditioning for the athlete's return to their full potential. This drives the continuity of progress and superior results for total program success.


Trainers using Conex

Professional Coaches
Fitness Trainers
Athletic Trainers
Athletic Directors