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Conex Management Team

The founders have been involved in communications technology for the past 20 years. This includes managing from growth to profitability. The tools that they have developed are not based on leading edge technology, quite the contrary; they are based on basic communication methods. The ease of access and the storage/retrieval system make up the intellectual property by which the competitive edge is gained. Their success is based on their ability to listen to the market forces and in their ability to lead a team in filling the void.

Elwood Kleaver - Chairman of the Board

Elwood I. Kleaver, Jr., is a health insurance executive with over 40 years executive leadership specializing in turnaround activities and strategic direction. Mr. Kleaver began his career in health care in Washington, DC, with the national health care association, American Association of Health Plans as its chief financial officer.

Mr. Kleaver continued his career as a chief financial officer, chief operating officer or chief executive officer for companies in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, California, Wisconsin and Idaho. He has also held numerous interim assignments in his capacity as a turnaround or re-engineering executive for Departments of Insurance, Venture Capital firms or private companies.

He serves on several boards of directors and holds a Master of Commercial Science in Financial Management degree from Benjamin Franklin University.

Paul Unger - Member of the Board

Paul UngerIn 1987 Mr. Unger formed National Technical Associates as a technology consulting firm. As President, he recruited partners and expanded the business. By 1993 annual revenues had reached $10 million. The company was then purchased by Impact Telecommunications. 

Mr. Unger joined Impact Telecommunications to manage four switching centers, a software programming staff and a Call Center of 80 employees. The company grew through an aggressive sales program and acquisition to be a leading service provider in the Northwest. WorldCom acquired the company in 1994.
Mr. Unger then purchased an Interconnect Company with 4 offices. By 2004 the company had 14 field offices and supported voice and data technology for thousands of businesses. It is now owned by Black Box Network Services. (NASDAQ: BBOX)
Mr. Unger has been instrumental in the success of four different technology companies over the past 20 years. Each venture has created value through rapid growth and has maintained services that continue to be delivered today. His signature attribute is his ability to match market demand with support systems that foster client loyalty.


Brian Ernesto - Chief Technology Officer

Brian ErnestoMr. Ernesto entered the Internet field in 1997 while working with PACAR to streamline their claims processes. By implementing software based solutions that increased throughput and decreased losses due to false claims, internal departments were able to deliver higher service levels.

Mr. Ernesto joined DMS in 2000 to provide creative and development support for their SaaS based home banking service. While at DMS Mr. Ernesto was instrumental revising their branding and launching over 40 Internet banking properties servicing tens of thousands of customers.

In 2003 Mr. Ernesto founded Neoreef Corporation; a SaaS based website service that addresses the needs of business. Today Neoreef services companies all over the world and provides them a unique and valuable service that helps them utilize the Internet more effectively.

Mr. Ernesto is actively involved in the community and heads various organizations and initiatives. He brings a unique set of technical, creative, and business skills that have enabled him to envision, build, and take to market a variety of projects.

Steve Simpson - Member of the Board

Mr. Simpson began his technology career in 1975 at Electronic Data Systems as a systems engineer. In this role he was responsible for a variety of applications in a banking environment.

In 1978 Mr. Simpson joined Hewlett-Packard where he served in progressively higher level leadership positions. From 1991 to 1995 Mr. Simpson served as general manager of HP’s multibillion dollar midrange and low end LaserJet printer business.

Mr. Simpson joined Extended Systems in 1995 where he served as CEO through a decade of growth and change including the company’s IPO. Mr. Simpson brings a wealth of practical experience overseeing both organic and inorganic product development endeavors as the company evolved from networking hardware to mobile solutions.

David Johnson - Member of the Board

David Johnson is a Certified Public Accountant with over 20 years of public accounting experience working primarily with small and medium size businesses. Mr. Johnson co-founded the Boise, Idaho CPA firm South, Johnson & Company with Thomas South in 1986, ultimately merging with the regional firm LeMaster Daniels in 2005. At that time, Mr. Johnson retired from public accounting to work as a partner and CFO in a company with holdings in the hospitality, real estate, retail and technology industries.

Mr. Johnson is passionate about innovative small business startups. Throughout his career in public accounting he assisted a diverse client base in the growth of their businesses, often from the first planning meeting to well past the first one hundred employees.

Mr. Johnson serves on several boards of directors and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Boise State University in Finance.